5 App Startups in Baltimore 2019

The App Startup Scene in Baltimore is Growing

The story behind startups in Baltimore are fascinating and inspiring (well, mostly inspiring).

Startups in Baltimore create both an opportunity and strong foundation for software engineers in the city to learn new skills and tackle problems that interest them.

The local success in Baltimore is nothing short of exciting to watch, and be apart of the growth.

What is a startup?

Startup is a state of mind… It’s when people join your company and are still making the explicit decision to forgo stability in exchange for the promise of tremendous growth and the excitement of making immediate impact.” – Adora Cheung, co-founder and CEO of Homejoy.

A company startup is a gamble, but all great endeavours come with a bit of risk.

Startups are fresh, usually between three to five years old.

Even the term “startup”is relatively new, and tends to make the new organization in question more attractive for people looking for a place to apply.

The key factor, according to Natalie Robehmed’s Forbes article, for a company to qualify as a startup is its ability to grow from conception.

Tech companies have seen a dramatic rise in growth in Baltimore, led in combination by established businesses, startups, and incubators.

If you’re interested in learning about software and technology in Baltimore you can check out our detailed guide on software engineering in Baltimore.

In 2019 alone, there have been several new startups that have emerged to see the light of day. Below are a few interesting examples:


BurnAlong is a fresh concept. As a fitness oriented organization, they partner with a variety of other companies to provide classes and services revolving around building a more healthy lifestyle, thus creating an improved working environment with whomever had reached out to them.

This is on top of the basics of BurnAlong, anyone with a variety of reasons for pursuing fitness can find themselves satisfied here with the large number of classes that can be taken.

BurnAlong was able to raise 1.3 million dollars seed round (meaning the first round of income for a new startup business).

The company has also brought in many new faces for the higher end of the chain, such as the former global head for HR at IKEA, Pernille Spiers-Lopez.


ZeroFox is an interesting startup.

The company builds a protective shield, used to guard yourself and your company, community, or school from the darker and undesirable corners of the web.

There are, in fact, a wide variety of risk factors that ZeroFox protects against, such as keeping information secure, preventing connection with fraudulent accounts, and watching out for attempted account hacking.

On their blog and in their news sections, they even share advice on how to keep yourself and your online identity safe.

This ranges from the harm of Deepfake videos, to scams that can pop up even in the popular video game, Fortnite.

NextStep Robotics:

Robotics are fascinating, especially how everyday this field is evolving to help others in ways one would’ve thought unrealistic only a few years prior.

An example of this is NextStep Robotics. They clearly state the issue they are fighting against, a mobility disability known as “foot drop”.

According to them, 30% of stroke sufferers experiences this disability, which is the inability to lift the toe while walking, increasing the risk of a fall.

The bigger picture issue is that physical therapy in its current state is incapable of treating such an ailment.

Patients suffering foot drop are either only taken in briefly or are turned down altogether. NextStep Robotics aims to solve this problem with robotic therapy that uses adaptive software to personalize the treatment.

They state that 85% of patients have moved on from their current physical therapy programs in order to begin using these devices in helping them recover.

Protenus, Inc.:

Protenus is another protective company, this time specializing in health and hospitals.

They provide an AI program in order to organize and watch over a wide variety of subjects, such as transactions and medicine.

It compiles it all together and protects it. Patient information is kept safe as well as the employees of the hospital in question.

Most importantly, the company monitors the movement of narcotics and other drugs throughout the region, basically preventing their theft.

In 2019, Protenus was named both one of the best places to work in healthcare by Modern Healthcare and one of the best places to work in Baltimore by the Baltimore Business Journal.

Social Toaster: Social Toaster is neat. It creates a unique relationship between a business, celebrity, etc. and their fans (or soon to be fans) by creating a platform that allows these fans to basically market the person in question.

They are referred to as “super fans”, and share posts made by the business/celebrity before Social Toaster helps blow the post up, attracting much wanted or much needed attention.

These super fans are then rewarded for doing so with whatever “top content” the business/celebrity chooses to share.

Conclusion: Baltimore’s Promising Future

Baltimore has seen an incredible explosion of new startups, and these startups are seeing great success (especially in the tech field) as of the past couple of years.

In just 2019, numbers upon numbers of new companies have risen to provide intriguing ideas and exciting projects that may have sat on a backburner for a long period of time.

New opportunities are being created for it, and software engineers are seeing an exciting future in the Baltimore region.

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