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Keeping App Development Projects On Schedule and On Budget

When you take on a mobile project you are required to commit to a schedule, and commit to a budget. Whether you’re an internal development team, or an outsourced team, it’s imperative that you stay on schedule and on budget.  Internal development teams that go over budget or deliver late impact the company strategy and…

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How to Make Money from Mobile Apps – Scaling White Labels

How to make money from mobile apps?  That’s a question every company and every entrepreneur has asked themselves at least one. Mobile application development is growing alongside mobile app revenue. In 2015 the mobile app industry grossed $41.1 billion, 2016 grew to $88 billion, and the 2020 forecast is $189 billion. There are few industries…

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A Framework for White Labeling Mobile Apps to Grow Revenue

Who Should Sell Mobile Apps by White Label? White labeling apps is a fantastic channel for companies selling B2B in which their customer’s customer is somewhat homogeneous. An example of where mobile apps white labeling fits well is a franchise that can provide an app for all of its franchisees, a company providing software to gyms…

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