React Native

15 Apps Built in React Native

React Native is among the top used frameworks today when it comes to developing an application, especially when compared to other frameworks that allow cross-platform capabilities such as Flutter. React Native’s success is due in part to it’s ability to launch and support cross platform applications with a single code base, it’s easy development time…

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Top 22 React Native Development Resources You Need to Stay Ahead of the Curve

22 Blogs, Slack Channels, Podcasts, and Social Accounts You Need to Stay Ahead of the Curve Mobile application developers have flocked to React Native.  One framework for multiple builds, faster builds, and a strong community are just a few of the draws to React Native mobile development for both experienced and inexperienced developers alike. I’ve…

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A Framework for White Labeling Mobile Apps to Grow Revenue

Who Should Sell Mobile Apps by White Label? White labeling apps is a fantastic channel for companies selling B2B in which their customer’s customer is somewhat homogeneous. An example of where mobile apps white labeling fits well is a franchise that can provide an app for all of its franchisees, a company providing software to gyms…

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React Native vs Flutter: Which Cross-Platform Framework is Better?


In recent years, cross-platform mobile development has gained popularity because it enables you to develop mobile applications that run on more than one platform. Developing natively for iOS and Android is very time-consuming and expensive. In fact, developing native mobile apps for more multiple platforms can extend the development process, and by extending the process,…

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