How to Find a Mobile App Developer

How to Find a Mobile App Developer: Advantages of Companies Based in the USA

Does your business or organization need to create a new mobile app? Most people begin by performing a Google™ search on “mobile app developers” and a ton of options pop up in the results. You notice lots of overseas app developers promising dirt-cheap prices. Hang on before you enlist one of them, because there are key advantages for a US business to develop their mobile app with an app development company based in the USA.

App Presentation Challenges Are Avoided with a USA Based Mobile App Developer

Here is where to find a mobile app developer who is based in the USACultural, Linguistic, and Objective Issues in Presentation Design

Your company’s mobile app speaks volumes about your brand to its users. It is imperative that it connects with them effectively. Since the majority of your users will reside in the United States, a US-based mobile app development team is innately going to be aware of key cultural and linguistic issues to make your app function and communicate more effectively.

We’ve all heard stories of mistranslation errors that weren’t caught. In 2009, HSBC bank had to launch a $10 million rebranding campaign to repair the damage done when its catchphrase “Assume Nothing” was mistranslated as “Do Nothing” in various countries.

Because a US-based developer lives and breathes the milieu of American culture on a daily basis, the look and feel of your app will communicate using the design trends and communication strategies that currently resonate best within the given culture.

The US business climate is unique. A US mobile app agency will better understand that your app needs to assist you in achieving your core business objectives. Development elements that don’t further them shouldn’t be included. Here are some additional reasons to consider a US-based mobile app developer.

Avoid Mobile App Development Challenges

Time Differences Can Cause Needless Delays

An overseas developer works in a different time zone than your US business. When you need to make quick contact to clarify a detail or design element, using an overseas company often means hours or days of delayed response. With a mobile app developer in the US, the maximum time difference between the East Coast and West Coast is only 3 hours. This facilitates a faster response. Parsed is located in Pittsburgh, PA, structured as a distributed agency with team members across the nation. This means you’ll have even quicker access to your mobile application development team.

Language Differences Can Cause Development Challenges

Just like the translation faux paux we alluded to above, these same difficulties can arise when you attempt to communicate with an overseas developer whose first language is not English. This miscommunication can cause errors in iterations of the app design your wasting time and money.

Security Standards May Be Lax

With all the concerns about data breaches, you need to make sure your mobile app has the best standards of security in place. Skimping on security protocols to save money with an overseas developer can ultimately cause havoc and damage the brand you have worked so hard to create. By using a respected mobile app development company in the USA, you can better ensure the proper security measures are in place to prevent breaches and loss of customer information.

You Might be Missing Out on the Latest App Development Programming Methods

Sometimes overseas developers just aren’t up to speed on the newest and best ways to develop your app. The latest methodologies of app design often start in the tech-rich developer teams of the US. These methods take time to be implemented in the developing world.

For example, Parsed uses React Native allowing us to build iOS, Android, and web apps from the same code base, instead of working with two separate languages for iOS and Android like many overseas developers do. This allows our app developers to create a single code that works on both Apple and Android platforms simultaneously. In this way, as a US-based mobile app developer, we can quickly and efficiently diagnose problems, make changes, and provide the look you desire in a mobile app that functions across all platforms.

This approach also makes future updates more manageable. Instead of having to re-iterate two different versions of the app with each update, a single update gets pushed out to all platforms. This saves you time, money and technical headaches.

Other Parts of the Mobile Application Creation Process are Just Easier

mobile app development company in the USA, based in Pittsburgh.

Contract Enforcement if Your Mobile App Developer Doesn’t Perform

If you’ve ever had to enforce a contract with an overseas entity, you know it can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. When you select a U.S. mobile app development company, the contractual laws, intellectual property rights and other key legal pieces of the scope of work agreement are much simpler to create and enforce. The last thing you want is to do is to send lawyers around the globe to dispute a contract. This ultimately makes your “dirt-cheap app” very expensive in the long run.

Ease of Payments with US Based Developers

When you make payments that require currency conversion, the price of your app can increase without notice. Many overseas credit transactions require a processing fee. In addition, shifting currency values can make the payment amounts due confusing. With an American based application developer, streamlined payment options are available with no hassle and a clear transaction price.

Fixed Priced Development

Parsed is a mobile application developer based in the USA offering a fixed project price for your next app project. You won’t have to worry about price creep or un-accounted for upsell charges. You will have clear cost and project scope so you can focus solely on partnering with us to create the best app experience possible at a price that is both transparent and predictable.

Parsed, a Top Mobile App Development Company in the USA

Remember, cheap isn’t the same thing as affordable when it comes to app development. You want to find value in your mobile app. At Parsed, we’ve helped many US clients create affordable mobile applications that that are intuitive, beautiful, and an asset to our clients and their users. This goes for clients looking for an app developer in Pittsburgh but also across the entire US and nations around with world.

It is our pleasure to supply you with open references to our happy clients. We know that after speaking with them you will gain confidence in our competence, cost, and communication. We’d love to help you, so give us a call today at 412-423-5167 to discuss your next app!

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