What Is Serverless Framework Technology?

The Challenge with Servers

Imagine yourself involved in a project developing a web application.

You are filled with excitement as the project begins to take off, and the idea that has kept you up at night begins to manifest itself into reality.

However, being apart of a smaller team of developers, you hit a roadblock: the server you need to manage.

Maintaining a server is a costly and time consuming business. For larger companies, the common approach to the server is for an entirely different team to watch over that process while the developers to tackle the application.

Newer or smaller companies don’t have this option.

They can be easily overwhelmed by the task of keeping up a server, and this is before the project at hand is even approached.

It takes away from the time and energy that could be spent towards developing the app and making it blossom.

The key to solving this issue (especially for the newer and smaller companies) is serverless framework technology, a technique that is rising in popularity for developers.

Benefits of Serverless Framework Technology

Serverless framework technology grants the opportunity to bypass these annoyances and delays by giving developers more time to think about the project they have their hearts set on.

With costs cut, a more realistic process becomes available, and the application at the end of development will shine much brighter than if a server had been taking up the time and thought of the team’s engineers.

Defining Serverless Framework Technology

A serverless project is one that is hosted by a third party source (think Google or Microsoft).

At the end of the day there still is a server involved, however it is maintained by that third party instead of the development company maintaining the server themselves.

Basically, the outside source (also known as a cloud provider) builds and sets the foundation of the application for you, and you will construct up from there yourself.

The code of the application is broken down and sent to the cloud providers as singular functions to be executed.

This is why the process is sometimes referred to as “Functions as a Server”, or FaaS. FaaS is incredibly effective in reducing the cost of the project.

There are several cloud providers that aid this process, many owned by big businesses. Here are a few examples.

Examples of Cloud Providers

AWS Lambda: This is the cloud provider where the idea of serverless framework technology was conceived.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and the platform was developed at Amazon.

It is used to create smaller applications that are ready for frequent updating and new information.

Microsoft Azure: Another well known serverless framework developed at Microsoft. It was created to build, test, and manage applications from Microsoft themselves as well as other companies and third party sources.

They provide platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).

Google Cloud: This cloud provider branches off in a number of directions, ranging from mobile notification services to email.

Programs that use this cloud provider are Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail, and so on.

On top of everything, it acts as a serverless framework as well, developing the foundations for other projects.

Examples of Companies that use Serverless Technology

Netflix: A well known application that allows its users to stream movies and television shows in full for a monthly subscription fee. Netflix uses AWS Lambda as the cloud provider for its servers.

Coca-Cola: The soda company’s web application uses AWS Lambda as its serverless framework technology as well. The company came to the conclusion that using this approach would benefit them in the long run because it cuts the costs that would be required down significantly.

Plista GmbH: An advertising company that helps create marketing for a client company. Their method not only proves beneficial for themselves and those that have hired them, they use unique recommendation technology to make sure that the advertisements only reach individuals that would be potentially interested, saving time and money. Their web application uses serverless technology as well.

Droplr: Another company that uses serverless framework technology for their web application is Droplr: a file sharing and communication website. They provide storage for screenshots and photos, and offer a communication technique with others through visual means such as those saved photos.

How to Become Involved with Serverless Framework Technology; We are here to help!

The first thing to do is to clarify the value of the project for your business and if using serverless framework technology is the right approach to a more successful experience.

We at Parsed are experts in serverless technology, and we are happy to discuss the details with you and whether or not it is worth thinking about.

Another important step is to figure out the resources you are going to need. We understand how overwhelming it may seem to want to tackle a serverless initiative without the proper resources needed to begin.

We have partnered with over fifty businesses like yours in order to develop a range of software for both the web and mobile platforms, and we’ll work with you to create a personal, customized plan to build your own software and accomplish your goals.

This could include us creating the software for you or helping you hire the right developer so you can build it yourself.


Serverless framework technology is rising in popularity in this community because of how efficient and beneficial it is for software development teams, both large and small.

Reaching out to a third party to help build the foundation underneath your feet can help you focus on the important things as well as have a stronger financial plan in order to allocate those funds in a more effective and satisfying way.

Think of serverless framework technology as a strong stepping stool for new companies to step up onto in order to begin climbing the ladder to a successful career in software development.

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