What You Need to Know About Custom Web Application Development Services

What are custom web application development services?

First things first: what is a web application?

A web application is a program that utilizes the web and an internet connection to complete a desired task; think of it as a piece of software that you can access through your internet browser.

The goal of this article is to cover the process of developing custom web application services.

Custom web application development services are services that use certain frameworks (React, Node, Angular, etc.) and other processes (“Custom Web Application Development”) to develop and update web applications.

We at Parsed specialize in custom web application development services.

What types of companies use custom web application development services?

Different types of companies require a custom web application development services, from online retail services to social media.

Take Facebook for instance: they are behind the development of a framework used when developing web applications called React.

These social media websites such as YouTube and Facebook are constantly evolving and updating thanks to custom web application development services and the abilities they give to foresee and develop as necessary.

If you want to learn more about companies using similar technology, check out our recent post on 15 Apps Built in React and React Native.

How do you get started with a project?

Finding the perfect fit as a company with someone that can provide these services is optimal and the first thing that should be tackled (after coming up with the core idea for the project of course).

There are two standard approaches – outsourcing development to a custom web application development services company or building an internal team.

Outsourcing Development

Software engineers and software development companies that specialize in custom web application development services will have a wide range of skills and strengths.

Building an Internal Team

Developers are in demand, and difficult to find. Building an internal team is often more expensive and takes more time, but you have more control.

When you’re building an internal team, it is important to find a good recruiting process in order to find a strong developer that can execute on your vision.

What’s the difference between custom web application development services and a marketing website?

A marketing website is the most common type of website (“Treefrog Inc.”) that you will find on the web.

It is used by companies to do what you’d think: to market and attract new customers. Marketing websites are described as “static”: they are unchanging (2019).

Marketing websites are typically easy to build with tools like Wix and WordPress. This is where web apps created with custom web application development services differs greatly from marketing websites.

A web application is more complex. It typically has a few tiers – presentation (web browser), application, and storage (database).

The web browser sends requests to the middle tier, which executes on those requests by making a query on the database, updating the database, and returns that information to the user interface.

It is constantly being updated. It changes over time for the better (whether that be for the parent company or for the users themselves).

A web app can hold a conversation between people (companies and clients or even client to client), and can change based on a user’s personal preference (2019).

What are some frameworks used in custom web application development services?

React: This is a JavaScript library developed at Facebook and is one of the better known and more frequently used frameworks in custom web application development services. React separates the project down to the bone, in order for the software engineers to be able to peak in and examine all the finer and smaller components for an easier development process.

Flutter: A faster but less reliable competitor to React and its sibling React Native, Flutter is another framework that was designed at Google. Instead of JavaScript, the language used by Flutter is Dart. Unlike React, Flutter is not a popular framework among the community at the very moment, and is currently only in a beta stage.

Angular: Another Google developed framework, Angular is a recreation of another older version called AngularJS and uses the TypeScript language when developing a project. As of this year, eight versions have been released in order to update performance and so on. Google plans to schedule an update for this framework every two years.

What are some examples of custom web applications?

Erin: Creating a web app for the people at Erin was a project of our own. The Erin app aims to create a fresh way of recruiting employees for one’s business. It does this by using the employees themselves as the tools towards faster recruiting by giving them a fast and easy way to send referrals and increasing the numbers. This is all done without taking away from a person’s busy schedule.

Facebook: The React and React Native frameworks were developed here. Its web app uses React itself, and is constantly adapting and updating as a web application should. Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites, easily swallowing up other competitors such as the late MySpace, while parenting other web applications developed by custom web application development services such as Instagram.

Google Docs: Another web application written with JavaScript, Google Docs at its base is almost identical to Microsoft Word. However, the application allows constant and seamless saving of documents as they are written, so work is rarely lost on accident. Another feature is the ability to share written works with other users of the application as well, along with the other user’s ability to edit and add to the written work.

Building Custom Web Application Development Services

Custom web application development services are the services that produce web apps that are forever updating and changing whenever they need to.

They use a variety of frameworks such as React and Flutter, and through them another variety of technical languages like the more common JavaScript and others such as Dart and TypeScript.

These development services have produced many well known web applications you may use yourself daily, like Facebook and other social media platforms.

You could consider these development services as a foundation to many powerful internet cogs that turn on and on with every ongoing update.

Do you need help with a web app-related project of your own? Be sure to contact us at Parsed so we can assist you with our own custom web application development services.

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