Web and Mobile App Development

We help our customers to launch cross platform applications. We are a web and mobile app development company specializing in React and React Native.


We Build React Web and React Native Mobile Apps.

At Parsed, we specialize as a React and React Native development company.

Before React and React Native, efficient cross-platform development required compromises. Today, we can create the responsive, flexible, native mobile app you need – no compromises on performance.

A few of our customers

Here's what they say about us:

"We've found with other projects and developers, that costs often spin out of control. We were impressed with how Parsed stayed on budget."

Chris McConachie, Co-Founder & Director of Product

  "You guys have been the best development partners our team has ever collaborated with. We appreciated your ability to integrate seamlessly with our team and process - and your creative approach to solutions."

"The Parsed team is amazing. If you need a mobile presence, then look no further. They have you covered." 

Patrick Santora, CTO

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Our Promise

We build user-centered web and mobile apps

You know your users best, and we get that. With your requirements in hand, we build iOS and Android apps that drive business results and make users swoon.

We provide straight forward pricing

As specialists, we do great work fast. We also offer flat-rate pricing, so you’re never in the dark about how much something costs.

We provide transparency in a collaborative environment

We actively share our progress with you, so you can test new features right away and send us your feedback.

We provide value as your development partner

As a distributed team of React Native app developers, we maximize talent and minimize overhead. We pass that savings to you!

How can we help?

We're a React web and React Native mobile app development company with a national footprint.

Experienced, specialized, and distributed. That’s Parsed. Oh, and we’re also obsessed with creating web and mobile apps that are intuitive, beautiful, and valuable to our clients and their users.

  • We’re a US based distributed team.

    No matter where you are in North America, Parsed is on your schedule. Instead of having the best office, we insist on having the best people. We’re a software company headquartered in Pittsburgh and located everywhere.

  • We’re React and React Native evangelists

    It’s why we run ReactPgh, a meetup that spreads the joy of React Native to developers across Pittsburgh. Why all the love for React Native? Because there’s simply no better way to develop cross-platform mobile applications.

  • We’re native mobile experts.

    At Parsed, we’re not just React Native developers. We’re also experts in native iOS and Android apps. Our native app expertise feeds React Native development capabilities and vice versa.

  • We’re in this for you.

    The way we see it, building mobile apps isn’t about geeking out on the technology or building every conceivable feature just ‘cuz. It’s about creating your vision, helping your users, and delivering maximum value to you.

We want to work with you.

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