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We're technical people delivering technical recruitment for high-growth companies.

Expansive network of candidates

Expert vetting by senior engineers

Only interview the top 10%

Do you cringe at the thought of engaging a staffing agency to help you grow your technical team?

  • You'll waste time interviewing engineers who aren't qualified
  • You'll miss out on the best candidates
  • You'll miss your deadline and potentially lose funding
  • You'll make the wrong hire—someone who's not technically qualified or not a good fit
  • Your projects will be delayed or cancelled
  • You won't accomplish your business goals

Quit worrying about being taken advantage of by staffing agencies that claim to have technical expertise and instead work with actual technical experts who know how to help you mobilize the right team to grow your business.


You deserve access to the most highly skilled and best-fit talent to grow your technical team.

If you're like most leaders of high-growth companies looking to build an in-house tech team in a competitive environment, you don't have time to sift through hundreds of resumes for people who don't even have the skills or tech stack you're looking for.

At Parsed, we've developed a proven, rigorous four-step vetting process to help businesses fill these critical roles quickly. When you spend less time on unqualified candidates and more time interviewing the most qualified, expertly vetted engineers, you can build your dream tech team and get back to growing your business.

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Partners in building your technical team—and your business.

We’ll work with you to develop a customized plan,
whether you're looking to hire one or one hundred engineers.
Here's how we'll do it:

Schedule an intro call.

We take the time to understand your staffing needs, position requirements, budget, and timeline.

We expertly vet candidates.

We assign a senior engineer to personally vet candidates according to your exact specifications, administer a soft skills screen and coding challenge, and only deliver the top 10% to your inbox.

You build your dream tech team.

You get your life back because you have only the best-fit, most qualified candidates to interview. Get ready to build your team, solve all of your tech problems, and grow your business.

You could work with a staffing agency to build your dream tech team.
But why would you want to?

  • gain access to an expansive network of U.S.-based engineers
  • only interview the top 10 percent of candidates from an expertly vetted pool
  • hire the most technically qualified, best-fit engineers
  • save time—build your team faster
  • have a clear path forward
  • finish your project, go to market, achieve your revenue goals
  • get your life back

We're engineers with years of experience in the industry.
Now our sole focus is on helping you build the right
tech team for your business.

It's about quality over quantity: Only the top 10% of the candidates we
interview earn the right to become Parsed approved.

Here's how our proven vetting process works:

Resume Review

A Parsed senior engineer personally reviews every candidate's resume and determines whether to pass it on to the hiring team.

Soft Skills Screen

We administer a Parsed soft skill screen to identify and score each candidate's soft skills and cultural fit.

Coding Challenge

We put candidates to the test with the Parsed coding challenge, which measures coding ability.

Tech Interview

A Parsed senior engineer takes a deep dive into the candidate's approach and determines if he or she is a technical fit for the requirements of your role.

Deliver Candidates

We send you our vetted candidates!

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We’ve vetted thousands of software developers, so we know how to spot the best-fit candidates, not just the most qualified on paper.

It's time for a better technical hiring experience.

At Parsed, we get how overwhelming it can be to have to quickly staff a tech team—not only is the competition fierce but the requirements can be daunting. If you're ready to work directly with senior engineers who are passionate about helping you build a highly-skilled, right-fit team, let's talk.

We want to hear from you.

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