15 Apps Built in React Native

React Native is among the top used frameworks today when it comes to developing an application, especially when compared to other frameworks that allow cross-platform capabilities such as Flutter.

React Native’s success is due in part to it’s ability to launch and support cross platform applications with a single code base, it’s easy development time thanks to its ready to use components, and fast, user-friendly layout.

React Native is widely known among the industry because of these factors. Parsed is particularly fond of the technology – in fact we’re one of the only USA based mobile development companies focused only on React and React Native.

Because of its popularity, React Native is responsible for the development of several popular applications you may already know of, including those tackled by our own development teams.

Below are a few examples of mobile apps that this framework helped make a reality.

  1. Facebook

The developers at Facebook are the ones behind the creation of React Native as well as its older sibling, React. Facebook is the well known social media app that allows people to connect all over the world, while being able to remain in touch after long periods of time. The companion app, Facebook Messenger, was created using React Native.

2. Instagram

The child of Facebook, Instagram is another social media application that uses React Native at its core. It uses pictures as a means to communicate between a person and those they choose to befriend on the app. Originally created in 2010, the application experienced a difficult transition into React Native, but developers found the process worthwhile.

3. Bloomberg


Bloomberg is another company who has a developed application that uses React Native. They are a source of financial information and news as well as a wide variety of topics such as sports, and use multiple mediums to reach out to subscribers such as television or even phones (hence the need for React Native). They have been in business since 1981.

4. CatholicMatch

CatholicMatch is a faith based dating website that was launched back in 1999, and the largest Catholic dating site to date. The goals of CatholicMatch is to bring together single Catholics that would be unable to meet in regular circumstances. When the need for an application became apparent, and React Native became popular, they found a good fit with us at Parsed.

5. DJ City

Another project our development team at Parsed pursued was for a company called DJ City. They started back in 2000 with the ambitious goal of pooling new music together for DJs to use, and have since then gathered a significant following across their channels as well as their mobile application that has been created using React Native.

6. Pinterest


Pinterest is a social media scrapbooking website and app that allows a user to pin points of interest with ease without risk of losing data or pictures. The Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann summarizes the company as a “catalogue of ideas” that can inspire to “go out and do that thing”. Its mobile app is another example of one that uses React Native.

7. Skype

Skype is another example of social media that uses React Native as a framework for their mobile applications, and is an online telecommunications app that allows subscribers to call and text to others that either use Skype as well or even to other phone numbers. It can be used through a number of mediums, such as computers, video game consoles, and of course phones.

8. Walmart

As retailing has boomed over the internet, it makes sense that Walmart (one of the largest retail corporations in the world) would follow the trend. Their app, which is connected by multiple components, was also created using React Native for optimal usage by the customer, who they place as top priority.

9. SoundCloud Plus

SoundCloud Plus allows creators on the SoundCloud app to manage their account wherever they go, from replying to comments on their music to editing the details of said tracks. Keeping up to date with the stats such as a song’s viewership and even uploading and sharing new music are more tasks granted by the application that was made possible and convenient by React Native.

10. PushPress

PushPress is another company with an app created at Parsed. They kick started their business for gym management software with a web app, and used our assistance to journey over to the mobile side of applications, React Native bring their project into reality. They set out to solve any problem other gym owners face on a regular basis.

11. Uber Eats

Originally known as UberFRESH, it is the child app of the transportation program Uber, and was created five years ago in 2014. Uber Eats is a mobile food delivery service that allows a subscriber to order from any restaurant (fast food or otherwise) that the company is partnered with, and a driver is dispatched to pick up the order and deliver it at the subscriber’s home. Their mobile app was created using React Native.

12. Airbnb

Airbnb is a lodging company that allows members of their website to book BnBs and tourism opportunities, as well as set up the same for other members. The name of the company is short for Air Bed & Breakfast, and was founded after the owners set up an air mattress in their home to create a BnB.

13. Tesla Inc.

Tesla is another company that has used React Native in order to create a mobile application. They are an automotive and energy company that specializes in electric car manufacturing. As of 2018, Tesla has been ranked as the world’s best selling plug in passenger car manufacturer, and is even working on self drive vehicles as seen in the video above.

14. Gyroscope

Gyroscope is an app that allows a person to track their everyday habits, such as eating, weight loss, and steps taken. It also covers other parts of a person’s life such as their productivity and even their meditation with the goal of improving one’s mental health. A health score is given in order to show a person’s improvement or warn of possible health risks they could face. The app was created using React Native.

15. ErinApp

To close: another company that approached us with a project, and had their own app developed using React Native.

ERIN is a company of seasoned entrepreneurs and advisors that push to advance the referral system for other companies. They act to make the employees the recruiting method, using referrals to increase the numbers at one’s business. The mobile app allows these pushes and referrals to happen anywhere without interrupting the flow of someone’s regular day.

React Native is Established, and Growing

React Native is a very well known JavaScript framework with a fantastic community. Its ability to sharply and seamlessly develop on both mobile platforms is why it is so popular for developers and companies, and is a framework we believe in at Parsed.

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