How To Hire App Developers Who Get it Right

How To Hire App Developers Who Get it Right…The First Time.

what to look for when hiring app developersApp development companies create finished, programmed applications to serve you and your audience. Depending on what app development companies use to create apps, the process can vary significantly in efficiency. At Parsed, we focus on a solid combination of quality and efficiency, thanks to the use of React Native development. We know you have many iOS application development companies to choose from, and we hope you’ll select us.

Qualities Of The Best App Developers

Hiring an iPhone development company or app developer is something you should only do after evaluating the app developer. Before you hire an app developer, here are some things you should learn about them:

Flat Rate: Look for a flat project rate rather than billable hours. Those hours can rack up quickly, and you don’t want to go over budget. At Parsed, we work in flat rates, as we’re app developers able to accurately estimate the time on project and give you firm pricing. Flat rate billing aligns interests.

User Experience: Your app is useless if it doesn’t center on your audience. At Parsed, we create an experience that gets your users to do what they need and desire with your content. Some app development companies skip past this—only for you to find that your app isn’t usable or appreciated by your user base.

Transparency In App Development: The best app developers are open about their processes with you. At Parsed, we’re happy to keep you apprised of where we are with your project—every time.

What To Expect When Hiring App Developer

When you hire an app development company, especially an iPhone app development company, you should expect the following:

Standard Timeline: You need an app development company to agree upon a timeline, ensuring they complete your project on both a realistic schedule for development, as well as a timeframe that fits your needs.

Distributed Team: Though we’re centered in Pittsburgh, PA, we utilize global talent and serve clients all across North America and around the world. This allows us to keep our costs down while ensuring local customer service and contact for our US-based customers.

Who Are The Best App Developers?

The best app developers have a process in place. It’s not pieced together at random, but it is fluid enough to meet the production demands of almost any app. Process and agility enable the best app developers the ability to create a firm timeline at a great value.

What Is The App Development Process Like?

how to hire the best mobile app developers, based in the USAWhen you begin working with Parsed, we’ll have a discovery session in which we learn all about your needs (and those of your customers). This is important to ensure we include all the necessary elements in the apps we develop for you, such as:

Navigability: Who uses your app? An application for senior citizens or children should have usability features directed at them. A complicated menu can also create a different workflow than a simple status app. The best app developers consider this.

Budget: What’s your budget for this project? We’ll do our best to work within your budget, and we always provide up-front project pricing without expensive surprises.

Timeline: What is your timeframe for project completion? Is this an open-ended project, or do you have a particular launch date already set? If you’re not sure, we’ll work with you to determine a specific date of finalization.

Customer Support: When we initially meet, we’ll go over how and when you can easily contact us throughout the process. We’re not about leaving you in the dark during development: we’re happy to send you status updates and field any concerns you may have about the app development process.

Process Questions: If you’re new to app or software development in general, you likely have a lot of questions about how the process works and how many people we need to employ to complete each component. We’re happy to let you know which project sprints require more time and care, and why.

Customization: What are your brand’s voice, tone, and design presence? This will inform the look of your app, and we want to make sure your app matches your brand.

Though we have a standard process for application development, we move components around based on your specific needs: that’s what the best app developers do. Apps are incredibly customizable, and that means nailing the process and making the app look and feel the way you want.

Consider Local USA Based App Development Firms

You can find reputable app developers all over the world. It’s a matter of evaluating them properly. That said, it’s often a safer choice to go with a local USA based app developer. If you’re looking for an app development firm based in the United States, consider Parsed. We’re located in Pittsburgh, PA. We are well-referenced and treat your project as if it was our own.

Give us a call today at 412-423-5167 to talk about process and pricing for your app development project.

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