Mobile App Launch Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

The popularity of mobile apps has contributed to many success stories for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. However, just because you’ve built a mobile app doesn’t mean thousands of users will suddenly flock to the app store and download it. With the number of mobile applications available in today’s market, there is a chance that your mobile app might go unnoticed.

The mobile app market has drastically become more competitive over the years. Between the GOOGLE PLAY STORE and APPLE’S APP STORE, there are over 2 billion mobile apps. If you plan to have a successful launch and have your mobile app trending, this blog is for you. Today, we are going to share our four tips to help you prepare for your next mobile app launch and get your mobile app trending.


Choosing a date for your product launch is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Generally, weekends are the best time to launch new mobile applications. However, keep in mind that not every mobile app in the market belongs in the same category. Downloads vary based on the type of mobile app. Make sure you do your research and choose a launch date that makes sense for your product.


As you begin to build a buzz around your new mobile app, your audience is going to become very curious about what you’re developing and what your product offers. When they start to search for more information about your app, it’s critical you create an engaging landing page with all the necessary information your audience needs about your product.

You don’t have to share everything about what your mobile application does, but just enough to keep your audience engaged and excited about the launch. Also, this is an opportunity for you to collect emails and social media followers as it’s a way to identify and reach your loyal user base.


While creating landing pages, collecting emails and gathering social media followers is a good overall strategy, there other ways to get your audience more invested before the launch.

Consider different approaches such as contests and exclusive first looks to get your audience excited about your product launch. Getting your audience more invested in your launch is a great way to build a loyal following of people who are willing to use your mobile app and spread the word to others who haven’t heard about your product.


Expanding your audience reach is critical to the success of your mobile application. After you have maximized the pre-launch buzz through digitals channels, such as your website and social media, it’s time to consider other ways of reaching your audience. A few weeks before your product launch, you should reach out to the press or hire a PR firm to help you get the word out about your mobile apps. This is another opportunity to reach out to those who haven’t discovered your business and product.

Launching a mobile app is much work. However, if you’ve spent the time to strategically planning for your launch, you should be able to do well, and who knows, you might get your mobile app featured in the App Store and Google Play Store. We wish much success on your product launch.

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