Node Continuous Integration CI Round Up

Today I am going to walk through a quick comparison of popular continuous integration services that support node based applications.


Travis-CI is the most popular continuous integration platform for open source projects. By default it recognizes a node app, runs npm install, bower install, and npm test. Travis puts badges on pull requests and commits in GitHub to indicate build status.


A ton of people use it, so finding information is relatively easy It is easy to use with node Powerful GitHub integration


Cheapest plan for private repos is $150 Does not integrate with BitBucket


Wercker is probaly the least well known tool in this roundup, but they are doing some awesome things. Wercker uses pre-built steps and boxes, along with custom scripts, to perform the continuous integration tasks. This lets you really modularize your ci setup.


Integrates with GitHub and BitBucket Free for private repos Steps and boxes


Harder to find information


Circle-CI is another ci tool that supports node out of the box. It is also easy to get started with.


Reasonable price for private repos It is easy to use with node Powerful GitHub integration


No BitBucket integration Harder to find informatino than Travis-CI


If I am starting a new open source project I will probaly use Travis, although lately I have been liking Wercker a lot. If I am starting a project that requires a private repo, I will be using Wercker.

I enjoyed using Circle-CI as well, so you should really try out all three and see which one fits your needs the best.


Casey Garland

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