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CatholicMatch launched in 1999 when most company’s focus was on desktop. The experienced team launched their mobile strategy around 2010 with the rise of responsive sites, but at the time it was difficult and expensive without maintaining multiple code bases.

The Challenge

The experienced team recognized the opportunity that a mobile app would provide – push notifications, having a piece of their users screen, and showing up in one of the largest search engines – the app store.

As React Native gained in popularity a few years ago they realized it was the perfect time to take advantage of the new technology. A mobile app built with React Native would provide the value of a mobile app, and their web app would share components of their mobile app.

The Solution

CatholicMatch had a fantastic development team, but they needed someone experienced in React Native mobile development to lead this project.

As they searched for development partners they found most organizations had a lack of focus, and they wanted a team of React Native experts.

CatholicMatch chose Parsed because they there was a cultural fit and because Parsed was able to answer tough questions with actionable answers. They were tired of companies answering their questions with sales spin – they needed a competent team they could trust.

The Outcome

The development process was good – the Parsed team integrated seamlessly with the existing CatholicMatch team and project management was top notch.

Like any software project they had hiccups in the process. CatholicMatch emphasized how they appreciated Parsed ability to identify challenges, and talk through them to find a solution. They loved that they were able to have brutally honest conversations with their development partner, and figure out solutions that made sense.

When asked what’s one thing you would tell others about engaging with Parsed, the CEO of CatholicMatch said, “Working with Parsed is a forthright experience. Lots of people talk using buzzwords and language, but without ever saying anything. They didn’t waste a lot of time on this. There wasn’t a lot of feel good crap going on, and it allowed them to work on the project efficiently and get the job done.”

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Technical Requirements

  • iOS, Android, and Web App
  • User Profiles
  • Profile Matching
  • Numerous Integrations

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