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The goal was clear – find and hire top tier tech talent that would fit the Serverless culture and technology…and do it in a hyper competitive talent market.

Serverless had a healthy 2018 and planned for significant growth in 2019. Leadership knew they would need to double in size to keep up with demand.

Serverless made a plan to grow the organization with React Native engineers, AWS/Platform engineers, marketing, and sales.

The Challenge

When it comes to talent, Serverless has a focus on quality over quantity. They needed leaders in their given skill sets with experience in similar applications.

The challenge for Serverless was that they were searching for high quality developers with a specific set of skills and background in a highly competitive market.

That’s no easy task.

The Solution

Serverless engaged with Parsed because they are a team of technical developers with both the network and technical acumen to find, vet, and place great developers quickly.

Parsed follows their trademarked 3 Step Vetting Process for every candidate.

This unique approach includes the following steps.

  1. A soft skills interview to identify cultural and qualitative fit.
  2. A coding challenge that puts candidates to the test, and allows Parsed to score technical capability.
  3. A Parsed Senior Engineer interview that allows us to dive into a candidates approach to development and technical acumen.

Only 10% of Parsed candidates make it through the 3 Step Vetting Process – saving Parsed customers time and effort.

The companies we staff for know that every Parsed Approved candidate has been fully vetted for the job.

The Outcome

Parsed went to work for Serverless. The Parsed team worked as an extension to the Serverless team identifying and vetting potential candidates for the Serverless positions.

The teams worked together to build a consistent feedback loop. This partnership allowed the Parsed team to better understand what Serverless was looking for in candidates, and improve the quality of candidates over time.

“There are a few fundamental things that make a partnership successful – communication and listening to the needs of the role, establishing an open channel for learning, and an ability to make a candidates first experience with Serverless positive even through 3rd party recruitment,” said Ganesh RK, VP of Engineering at Serverless. “Parsed was sensitive to the things Serverless was sensitive to, which makes for a good partnership.

When asked what is something that stood out for you while working with the Parsed team, Ganesh said, “Communication, collaboration, and focusing on candidate quality.”

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Technical Requirements

  • React Native Lead Engineer
  • React Native Engineer
  • AWS/Platform Engineer

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