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The digital record pool for the DJ community.


DJcity launched in 2000 with the goal of pooling new music for DJ’s around the world. As the business grew they saw the opportunity to add new features and new designs to add value for their customers.

The Challenge

DJcity built a large and loyal following across all of their channels and mobile application. However, they needed new functionality and designs to continue building the community.

The Solution

DJcity engaged with Parsed on the new design and development, and enhanced the application with a focus on community. Their DJ specific content is second to none, and updated in their news feeds to provide users with new music, videos, and behind the scenes content. The new application allows DJ’s to search and find new music and podcasts easier, build queue’s of music, and save music in a crate to select tracks on the go.

The Outcome

Parsed delivered the DJcity mobile app on budget, and DJcity continues to work with Parsed for support and feature enhancements.

### Mobile app development, design, and growth.

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Technical Requirements

  • User Profiles
  • Comprehensive Sorting & Filtering
  • Search that accommodates typos and partial matches
  • Music Streaming
  • Music Downloads
  • Video Streaming
  • New Content Stream
  • Charts and Analytics
  • Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon

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