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The team at Erin was led by seasoned entrepreneurs and advisers disrupting how companies managed referrals and talent acquisition.

The Challenge

The team at Erin was experienced and lean. While they had the experience to build the business, they needed a partner that could focus on getting the product to market fast and meet their high standards.

The Solution

The team at Erin engaged with Parsed because of our focus on React Native, deep expertise, and ability because of their confidence in our ability to execute.

The Outcome

Our project managers worked closely with the Erin team to ensure the Erin App launched on time and on budget.

Erin has now engaged with Parsed in an ongoing service contract to support feature development and growth strategy.

### Mobile app development, design, and growth.

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Technical Requirements

  • User Profiles
  • Network Visualization
  • iOS, Android, and Web App
  • Numerous Integrations
  • App Store Optimization
  • Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon

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