Save your sanity: Use React Native

You want awesome mobile apps for your company? You want to build them without going crazy or broke? You want to be able to build iOS and Android apps at the same time but don’t want a horrible mobile web app? Then you want React Native. Before React Native, efficient cross-platform development required compromises. Today, we can create the responsive, flexible, native mobile app you need – no compromises on performance.

Here are some more detailed reasons why you want to use React Native to build your mobile apps. If you already know all of this and want to talk to us about you project contact us here.

Cross Platform

With React Native you can develop for iOS and Android at the same time.These apps are real native applications. Gone are the days of cross platform apps being janky web apps in a native wrapper. Here is the best part: developing for both iOS and Android only adds 10% to the cost of developing for one of them.


React Native is faster for development even if you are developing for a single platform. When developing you are able to see your changes immediately. You no longer have to wait to reload or rebuild the mobile app. Developing for both iOS and Android takes about 10% longer than a single platform. We have even found that developing for both platforms is faster than a single platform in Swift or Java.

Speed is important when developing the initial iOS and Android apps, but it equally as important after the initial release. Every time you add a feature or fix a bug you will reap the benefits on React Native. There are even tools like Code Push that let you update live apps without submitting to App Store and Play Store.


Since React Native is so much faster to develop in, you prob guess it was cheaper. You are right. With React Native there are no additional software or license costs. Even the most popular development environments are free. Developers cost the same or cheaper than purely iOS or Android developers. Web developers with no React Native experience can make small fixes from day 1.

Easier to maintain

With React Native you can update iOS and Android at the same time, with the same developers. You can even use tools like the previously mentioned Code Push let you update apps without submitting to the store.

We recommend using an expert agency like Parsed to build your project. Then you can use staff web developers to update content and make other changes

Reasons why you wouldn’t use React Native

We love React Native, but recognize that it might not right for everyone. Here are some reasons why you wouldn’t want to use React Native:

  • You are only targeting one platform (iOS or Android) and already have the development skills in house
  • You are developing a game that will use Unity or similar platform
  • You prefer spending more money on application development than is necessary

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