Services-Recruitment for High Growth Tech Companies

A recruitment process built by engineers for engineers.

The Parsed 3 Step Vetting Process is different.

Our process is built to identify high quality, USA based developers.

Step 1 – Soft Skill Screen

The Parsed soft skill screens are built to identify and score soft skills and cultural fit.

Step 2 – Coding Challenge

The Parsed coding challenge puts candidates to the test and scores a candidates coding ability.

Step 3 – Interview with a Parsed Senior Engineer

A Parsed Senior Engineer takes a deep dive into a candidates approach to development and technical fit for the requirements of your role.

A Parsed Approved candidate is a candidate that you can trust. We don’t take that lightly. Only 10% of the candidates interviewed become Parsed Approved.

Software engineering recruitment is broken.

…and we’re here to fix it.

Answer this –

How can a recruiter that’s never written a line of code know if a candidate is a good fit for your position?

It’s a trick question. They can’t. Gasp.

Recruitment services for high growth tech companies.

We identify and vet software engineers for high growth tech companies.

We’re a boutique staffing firm. Here’s what we did last month.

743 Candidates Contacted 85 Candidates Vetted 9 Parsed Approved ### We deliver quality candidates, not quantity. And we’re proud of that.

We want to work with you.

Get US-based software engineers screened by senior software engineers.

We’ll connect with you today to learn about your requirements.

Or, drop us an email at

React Staffing Experts

React and React Native.

If you need React experts on a contract or contract-to-hire program we can support your team.

We are React experts, so all of our candidates are vetted by one of our senior engineers, a coding challenge, and a soft skill interview.

Mobile Development Experts

We’re not just a staffing and recuitment company.

We’re also experts in web and mobile development with React. Our team can help with project management, development, and design.

Scalable, Blended Resources

We can provide blended resources including mid, senior, and mobile architects to ensure your project is a success.

We constantly develop our team through off project training and on project support. We make our best engineers available to help everyone work through hurdles in a given project.

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