Sublime Text && JavaScript === Awesome

If you write front end code, you probaly already know about Sublime Text. Here are a few things that make it particulary great.

Package Control

Package Control does not actually ship as part of Sublime Text. Will Bond wrote this package manager so that people can easily add plugins to Sublime.

Install directions are here:


Two of my favorite packages are Emmet and SublimeLinter-JSHint.

Emmet Emmet has a bunch of html and css shortcuts, a Lorem Ipsum generator, and more. Check out the link about to see more about Emmet. Here is a link to the install doc — This package highlights JavaScript syntax errors in Sublime as you write your code. The error highlighting is unobtrusive, but still noticable so you can fix things as you go. This saves a ton of time.


Sublime Text comes with a lot of shortcuts and auto completion builtin. A couple of my favorite shortcuts are: Ctrl-Cmd- Up or Down Arrow: This moves the line or block up or down Shift-Ctrl-K: Delete the current row. This might not seem like a big deal, but helps when you are cleaning up a bunch of code. has a series on Sublime Text.

While you are there checkout some more of their walkthroughs, they are all awesome.

GA Blog

This General Assembly Blog article showcases more of the Sublime Text awesomeness.

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