Top 22 React Native Development Resources You Need to Stay Ahead of the Curve

22 Blogs, Slack Channels, Podcasts, and Social Accounts You Need to Stay Ahead of the Curve

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Mobile application developers have flocked to React Native. One framework for multiple builds, faster builds, and a strong community are just a few of the draws to React Native mobile development for both experienced and inexperienced developers alike.

I’ve been working with React Native since 2015 when I launched one of the only software development firms dedicated to building React Native mobile applications with US developers.

I’ve invested time to learn my craft and follow other leaders in the industry, and I encourage every developer to do the same. This list that follows includes the React Native resources that I follow – everything from blogs and podcasts to thought leaders and youtube channels.

6 React Native Blogs Worth Reading

1 Facebook’s React Native Github Blog

You probably know that React Native was born inside Facebook during a Hackathon, so it should come as no surprise that Facebook is a fantastic resource for React Native documentation.

2 React Native Training on Medium

The React Native Training Publication on Medium provides stories and tutorials for developers interested in React Native.

3 Parsed

Parsed is my blog (shameless pitch – get over it). We are solely focused on React Native, and I encourage you to follow our blog and get in touch with us if you’re as React Native geeky as us. We have a private Slack Channel for React Native nerds only, just reach out for an invite.

4 Airbnb Engineering & Data Science

Airbnb recently moved away from React Native, but their medium channel has some great content from some of their top engineers.

5 ReactDOM

React Native tutorials, React Native courses, and React Native books to help you learn React Native.

6 Instagram Engineering

Similar to Airbnb’s Medium channel, this is a regularly updated medium publication with stories from the people who build Instagram.

3 React Native Focused Youtube Channels

Because sometimes I hate reading.

7 React JS Tutorials

8 Michael Thomas

9 Ben Awad

4 Slack/Chat Channels to Build Your React Native Community

10 Reactiflux – On Discord, not Slack

50,000 React Developers strong – it’s a responsive and support community.

11 Android United

The better you are at iOS and Android builds, the better you’ll be at React Native. Stay on top of everything.

12 –

A small community for web development chat with multiple language channels.

13 Github

A long list of Slack Channels for local communities by region.

2 Podcasts for React Native Talk

14 React Podcast

React NAtive Podcast – pretty self explanatory. Great guests and developer focused.

15 React Native Radio

React Native Radio – pretty self explanatory. They always have cool, interesting guests.

1 Linkedin Account Worth a Follow

16 Casey Garland

Surprise, it’s me. I’m surprised how few developers are active on Linkedin – check out my profile or look for #reactnative because I’m one of the few consistently posting about RN development.

3 Instagram Accounts to See What Other React Native Developers Are Up To

17 @tiffintech

18 @codingcommunity

4 Twitter Accounts for 280 Characters Worth of React Native

19 @grabbou

20 @reactnative

21 @dvnabbott

22 @dan_abramov————————–

Invest Time Learning Your Craft

As developers we have to stay on top of the industry everyday, or we’ll fall behind. I am on a constant pursuit of learning – so please share new resources with us on our contact page or Live Chat just over to the right, and down a little bit. 🙂

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