Working Remotely Tips

I have spent the better part of the last year working remotely. Here are a few pointers I have learned to make working remotely more successful.

Like what you are doing

This is more of a general career tip, but I have found that working remotely is much more pleasant when you enjoy your work.

This probaly seems super obvious, but trust me it is applified when you work remotely.

Have a dedicated work area

I have a space that I use for my home office. My family knows that when I am there I am working. I have my area set up for work and can get started right away. There is something motivating about knowing you are actually going to work when you enter the space.

Switch it up

Having a dedicated work space is important. Sitting (or standing) there in the same spot all day is not. Think about what you do at an office. How often do you actually sit in the same chair all day without going somewhere else for a meeting or impromptu chat? I know I never did.

I have had some of my best work sessions when I change it up and go somewhere else. This doesn’t mean I have to go to a coffee shop. Moving from my office to the dining room table is a nice change of pace.

When working remotely you spend more time on the phone or in video calls then when you work in an office. Do everyone a favor and get decent headphones with a built in mic. Trying to listen to someone in a video chat without headphones and a mic is brutal.

Try Standing

About 3 months ago I switched to a standing desk. It was surprisingly easier than I had anticipated. I built one on the cheap from Ikea. Here is a link to some instructions.

I am not one of those people who is going to claim that their life is dramatically better because I stand instead of sit. But, I do feel a little better overall and I enjoy it.

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