A Description of Common Development Languages

If you have been keeping up with this blog, then you would’ve noticed my frequent referencing of recruiters constantly getting the two development languages Java and JavaScript confused.

Also, you would’ve noticed that each time I bring this matter to attention, I bring up that when this happens, it not only causes great inconvenience to the client and software engineer involved, but costs a lot of time and a lot of money due to the engineer being placed in an environment they are not properly equipped for.

It is very important to know your development languages as a software engineer and as a recruiting firm.

So, the goal of this article is to define the key differences between those two development languages, as well as name a few other key languages and discuss what they bring to the table.

Development languages are the very foundation of a project. Without it, it’d be like watching your newly built house crumble away from you.

Listed below are five common development languages:


Java is a popular langauge. It was developed at Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is used for a wide variety of applications (from Android to desktop applications), chances are that you use it to some capacity while on your computer. Java is a class and object based language (where a class basically builds a blueprint for the object, which more or less acts like a function), and runs off of something called the Java Virtual Machine, which makes it multiplatform.


JavaScript was developed even earlier than Java as “Livescript” by Brendan Eich at Netscape Inc. in a short ten days for their internet browser Netscape Navigator. This language is used for web applications, and was originally created for a dynamic and interactive experience with their browser. The only similarity JavaScript shares with Java is in name; Netscape wanted to take advantage of the rise in Java’s popularity by changing the name Livescript to JavaScript.


Moving on from Java and JavaScript, it can be said that their very existence is due to the influence of the development language godfather, C. Developed in the early 1970s by Dennis Ritchie, this language can be used for virtually any significant kind of application development. C is easy to use and more efficient in many ways from its older counterparts, and is even used by more advanced development languages for assistance.


Named after the TV show Monty Python and not the snake, in fact, the Python development language was developed in 1991, bringing Guido van Rossum’s original idea to life. It was developed in response to the ABC development language running the times in the Netherlands. Known for being pretty user friendly like C is, this language has a 2D and 3D imaging capability, and is used on programs such as the animating giant, Blender.


SQL is an old one, created in the 1970s by Raymond Boyce and Donald Chamberlin which was then known as SEQUEL. Though now it stands for Structured Query Language and is pronounced as “sequel”, or even just S-Q-L. This language is used to basically control the information of a database, whether that be inserting new information, deleting old or inaccurate information, or simply managing and organizing the database.


At Parsed, we have a great deal of experience spread over multiple software engineers with different kinds of development languages (though we do have our favorites).

These five that have been listed are just the tip of the iceberg; there are many common development languages that are used for a variety of tasks and projects, and each has a unique and fascinating story to tell (whether that be of its conception or otherwise).

If you are on the brink of a new idea but need assistance in picking a good development language to set your foundation with, or need help in developing the project upward, we at Parsed are happy to step in and lend a hand, whether that be with the creation of the project itself or finding the person that can be the right fit to bringing this idea to life.

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