Mobile App Programmers Are Not Created Equal

Mobile App Programmers Are Not Created Equal

Good mobile app programmers in Pittsburgh or beyond are not easy to find. While it’s tempting to save money and go the budget route, only a company with industry expertise, the latest technology, and the passion to make your vision a reality can ultimately build an app your users will adore. A low-quality programmer could end up costing you time, money, and your reputation.

Here’s why not all mobile app programmers are created equal as well as a few red flags to look out for.

App Programmers are not all the same…

If you’re a business or entrepreneur looking to launch your next great app idea, you might think “a developer is a developer.” They are all using the same coding languages, right?

It’s a mistake that costs companies millions of dollars a year and untold damage to their reputations.

A great mobile app programmer in Pittsburgh (or around the world)…

Good developers will share your vision, are inherent optimists, are experts in their field, and have a passion for helping the end user. They will use their expertise and work ethic to seamlessly take your application from initial conception to launch while making the process less stressful and more affordable for you. The best developers will…

Create an optimal user experience: Great developers understand the end user and work with them in mind.

Create a stunning app: Breathtaking apps captivate your customers and firmly weave your brand into their daily lives.

Make your life WAY easier: Communicating with someone who doesn’t speak your language, understand your customers, or care much for feedback will turn your dream into a nightmare quickly. A great dev will take all of the stress out of the process and make building your app exciting, rewarding, and seamless.

Save you money: Sure, a good programmer might cost more up front, but they will save you money in the long run. (Especially when coding for multiple platforms at once.) The better your app, the more customers will use it. Also, they will get it right the first time so you won’t end up paying more to have the app rebuilt.

Empower your business to achieve its goals: Your company’s human capital is its most valuable asset. With an expert on your team, you’ll be more flexible and agile than ever before.

This is why Microsoft’s Steve Balmer got so excited about finding good talent. 😉

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Whereas a bad mobile app developer will….

-Develop software with bugs, causing usability issues and damaging your reputation

-Have a suboptimal workflow and poor project management processes, resulting in an app that isn’t in line with your vision

-Have a poor work ethic or inability to collaborate

-Create a confusing app that users won’t bother using

-Design a dull, cookie-cutter app that looks like everyone else’s

While it might seem like you can just hire anyone with development skills, that’s far from the case. Luckily, most great developers will show many of the same traits (drive, passion, humble confidence). Here are some red flags to watch out for with bad developers:

Extremely Low Prices: Be wary of companies charging $20 an hour to develop your app. Remember—you get what you pay for.

Limited Scope: Mobile app programmers should have skills across the entire spectrum of development, be it UI, analytics, or any other factor. If they don’t, look elsewhere.

Single-Industry Specialization: While it might look great on the surface, it’s very often a marketing ploy. The best developers and agencies can handle any project.

No Interest in Vision: Your developer should want to know why they are creating your app. Who is helping? What are your business goals? How does it fit the vision of your company? If they don’t take interest in those things, look elsewhere.

Mobile app programmers are not all the same. A great one will make your vision come to life and design an app that will help your company achieve its goals. A bad one will cost you time, money, and your reputation.

Instead of looking for a sole programmer in Pittsburgh or elsewhere, it’s best to work with an integrated team of specialists that can work together and take a holistic, user-centric approach to develop your app from scratch for both iOS and Android. Working with a reputable agency guarantees the quality of your app and ensures you get exactly what you envisioned.

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