What Sets Apart Top App Development Companies?

What Sets Apart Top App Development Companies?

So, you’ve researched your target demographic, surveyed the competition, decided on a budget, and planned all of the nifty features (login via Linkedin? Nice touch!). Now you’ve got to find the top app development company to make it come to life.

There’s just one problem: the market is flooded with agencies willing to make your app—and not all of them are equal. If you choose the wrong agency, your app will end up buggy, over budget, non-functional, or some combination of the 3. That’s thousands of dollars down the drain.

Luckily, the top app development companies will quickly make themselves known. Aside from being obsessed with quality, client-focused, and visionary, they all have a few key similarities in how they do business.

Here’s how to tell if you’ve found a quality agency.

1. The Top App Development Companies are Obsessed with Internal Processes

looking for the top mobile app development companiesAll agencies must have well structured internal processes that act as a guiding hand toward the successful launch of your app. The best agencies are obsessed with sticking to their project management processes from initial planning to final testing and launch. It starts with gathering the right information:

  • Your business goals
  • The target audience
  • Your budget and timeline
  • Your competitors
  • The app’s purpose

Gathering the proper information and planning a mobile app is the most important phase. Despite this, most companies put little effort into planning. The best companies support their internal processes with:

  • Constant communication: Communication is key to tracking progress and ensuring the company’s project is in line with your vision. Parsed obsessively shares your progress because we take a genuine interest in your business vision. You must never be in the dark about your project.
  • Rigorous testing: Your app must be put through rigorous testing to fix any bugs so that it hits the market with maximum functionality.
  • Efficiency: Ideally, the perfect app company for you is a specialist—one that does great work fast and minimizes costs but never sacrifices quality. Pragmatic companies focus their projects on maximizing business value. That means they deliver a product that will help earn you the maximum at a budget that’s realistic. (Pssst…React Native is your friend here.)

Pro Tip: Pay special attention to how your agency communicates in the initial stages. Is there a department dedicated to taking your questions? How often do they email? How fast do they respond? If they are slow when you are trying to give them money, imagine how slow they’ll be when they’ve got to make an app for you.

2. Flat-Rate Pricing

Ever notice something about the best of the best? Writers, directors, salespeople, etc.? They NEVER charge by the hour.

The same goes for your app development company. The best companies don’t work for billable hours. The best developers want to create apps that are valuable to their clients and users and THAT is what should drive their work, not their hourly rate. Hourly rates incentivize less efficient work. That’s not how we work at Parsed.

Whether it takes us 1 month or 6 months to finish your project, we get paid the same. There are never any hidden charges, so you know EXACTLY what you’ll spend.

3. The Best Developers and the Best Technology

If you want an amazing mobile app, you need all-star developers. Period.

All of the best processes and technology won’t make a difference without skilled, focused, and mildly obsessed developers who take pride in creating your vision.

Once the company gathers the proper information, their developers can then build the app with the end user and your business goals in mind. All of our developers are experts and evangelists for React Native (we explain this in a moment). The top app development companies also equip their expert developers with the right technology for the job:

  • React Native: Small businesses and startups rarely have the capital to develop an app for both Android and iOS, but you shouldn’t have to choose. React Native allows us to create an app that is cross-platform and works on both operating systems, unlocking the entire mobile world for your business at no extra cost.
  • Any Platform. Any Programming Language: Swift, Objective C, Java, you name it. It doesn’t matter which language it is, the top app development companies speak it. And if for any reason our staff isn’t quite what you need to perfectly execute your project, we can augment the staff to suit your needs. If we don’t have an expert in your field, we will find one and integrate them into our team.

pittsburgh-mobile-development-companyFinding a reliable US-based agency to bring your app to life is difficult, but the top app development companies all have a few characteristics in common that you should search for. If they are obsessed with well-structured internal processes, highly communicative, transparent with pricing, and equipped with highly efficient technology that improves your app and decreases your costs, then you’ve found the right fit.

At Parsed, we are obsessed with bringing our clients and their end users value. We aren’t in this to geek out on technology or have fun. We believe in the power of apps to improve people’s lives and want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Visit us at Parsed.Io to learn more about how we work to exceed your expectations.

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